Complaint Boxes

Complaint Boxes

Vidyuth Soudha

1. At A.P. Transco Main Building Reception area.

2. At entrance of APPCC Building

3. At APSLDC building at visitor seating area

4. At 4th Floor of APSLDC building

5. At  entrance of Time Office. 

Details of Complaints received

Complaint Boxes are opened on 1st of every month at every complaint box location in Vidyuth Soudha and respective zonal offices and all complaints status is updated here.

Date Location Remarks
01-04-2021 Vidyuth Soudha Click Here to read the document
01-05-2021 Vidyuth Soudha Click Here to read the document
01-06-2021 Vidyuth Soudha Click Here to read the document